Robinson Department Store

(Phuket Square, G floor and 2nd floor)

It has the most extensive network of any department store in Thailand; with its wide selection of International and Local Brand names. Robinson's pricing and merchandising strategies make fashion and style more accessible to middle income consumers.

Big C Extra

(Phuket Square, G floor and 2nd floor)

With a total of 8000 Square meters spread out on 1 floor and 2 floors, this one stop hypermarket guarantees bargain prices and freshness. Discover this world wide phenomenon and enjoy the Big C Extra experience.

SF Entertainment Complex

(Phuket Square, 3rd Floor)

Come and enjoy the latest Hollywood movies in a world class movie theater at SF Cinema, featuring 5 theaters. If that’s not enough, go bowling and choose from our 10 lanes and hit a strike!

Food Bazaar

(Silang Blvd., B floor)

Offer you an astounding range of authentic Thai street food and international cuisines such as Chinese, Japan, Indian, and Korean. Satisfied with endless choices of dished while spoiled with a plethora of breathtaking and unique modern Chinese atmosphere. Let's take your time at Food Bazaar, the ideal place for every taste and budget.

That’s Siam

(Silang Blvd., B Floor)

Discover a Kingdom of Arts & Crafts. A magnificent shopping gallery of arts and crafts from all over Thailand. That’s Siam will be a superb location for both Thai and International shoppers to select from the finest objects d’art and handicrafts the kingdom has to offer. These souvenirs and handicrafts will reflect Thai culture and civilization from all regions of the country with over 200 boutiques inside. Not only souvenirs but it also has Food Haven, food center that you can taste authentic Thai cuisine from all parts of Thailand conveniently. The Asian Spirit is another interested point for shopping souvenirs and relaxes your body with Thai massage & spas. The atmosphere of this chic new shopping zone will be a smooth combination of eastern and western spirit.

IT Island

(Phuket Square, 3rd Floor)

All about IT is here. You can find the case of mobile phone until the great computer. There are many brands and also types of IT products. You can buy whatever you want with suitable price. People who addict in innovation must not miss this zone.


(Basement Fl., Silang Boulevard zone)

An Oasis of Retreat and Relaxation. Let’s browse your day away in this striking Peranakan arcade. Experience deep relaxation in Thai massage and spa by an expert therapist. Shop a wide variety of spa products ranging from natural body care to aromatherapy; your spa’s every need is here!

Sense of Wellness

(Silang Blvd., 3rd Floor)

The one stop beauty station for everyone. The newest health & beauty zone in Phuket. Be pampered from head to toe. Relax and recharge your spirit with a variety of spa & massage designed. All stores that will welcome you are A.B. Dental, First Facial Massage Spa, Montra Thai Massage & Spa, Nium Massage, Romrawin Clinic, Apex, and Sense of Nail Spa.

Molly Fantasy

(Phuket Square, 3rd floor)

Molly Fantasy is a fun and safe indoor amusement park for Kids from Japan. Popular kiddy rides includes the Merry-Go-Round and a wide array of amusement machines such as Beat-Mania which is suitable for children of all ages as well as their family members. At the kids-only zone, Wai Wai Park, children can cook their own meals at imported Paper Town kitchen. Molly Fantasy becomes the ideal play center where every kids can enjoy and have fun by themselves.

XD Theater

(Phuket Square, 3rd Floor)

The 4D theater with smart technology that will make you feel like stay in the movie. You will face the most X-Treme experience in new form of movie 4D system with high quality image and more sharpness color and realistic. 4D Chair, Well glasses, Echoing sound surrounded, and Freedoms of movement, those things are the factors which change your theater experience!